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Privacy - Controlling your data

Nirosh Wijewardene
by Nirosh Wijewardene

What do you want others to know about you. Today we all have so many personas - one for friends and family, another for work and others for side jobs. Known2Me gives you a powerful way of controlling what you send to other people through the use of "Profiles".

When you first register for Known2Me we set up a "Default" profile. The benefit of this is to save you time typing in those details again. Next is the most important step for all of you. Start creating the profiles you think are most important to you.

Privacy - Controlling your data

The next time you need to share your details with someone - you can judge what level of detail they need and select one of your appropriate pre-made profiles. When you send them the information, you know exactly what they are getting on their phone.

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