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Importing Your Contacts To Known2Me

Nirosh Wijewardene
by Nirosh Wijewardene

After you've registered, Known2Me takes you to the contacts screen. At the bottom of the page you'll see a "Import Contacts" button. Pressing this will ask for your permission allow the app to access your contacts. Once you've accepted your contacts are imported to Known2Me and you can start sharing your details with them.

Known2Me helps to keep your phone book clean and updated so it is a good idea to import your contacts into it. You can still keep your native phone book running and use that as your primary phone book or you can use Known2Me as your primary phone book. The choice is yours!

You and your contacts save so much time because once you start sharing your details via Known2Me it will automatically populate the phone books of your contacts. In future, if you make a change to your details, then it automatically updates on the other person's phone - no need for data entry. No need for you to send out messages either! This was you will start to have a clean and complete phone book which is perpetually updated by your contacts.

Importing Your Contacts To Known2Me

PRIVACY NOTICE: We use the term "Import" contacts but we want to make it clear to you that your contacts still stay on your phone. None of the details actually come into our servers so we cannot see your contact's data. If you upgrade Known2Me to get your phone contact data backed up then we do have the details on our encrypted and highly secure servers. Again, we don't sell this data to any third parties for them to advertise to you. That is not our business model!

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