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Controlling Who Sees What - Creating & Editing Profiles

Nirosh Wijewardene
by Nirosh Wijewardene

We all have a number of personas in life. There's the persona you would share with your friends and family. The business persona - you may have multiple businesses too. What details do you share and how do you control what is shared?

On the navigation bar at the bottom of the app screen you will see "Profiles". Click on this and you will see two options. Known2Me has created a "Default" profile using the email address and phone number you provided when you registered.

Make a new one by clicking "Add New Profile". Name the new profile and add the relevant details you wish to share using this profile. You can add the information you have already entered into Known2Me by using the toggle switches on the right side of the screen and you can add further details by clicking on "Edit". Once you have added new details then hit "Save" in the top right corner of the app. Now you are ready to start sharing that set of details with the contacts of your choice.

Creating & Editing Profiles

In Known2Me you have the ability to create as many profiles as you wish. I have created one for my friends and family to see - it is a set of all my details. I've also created one called "Business" which is the set of information I would give on my business card. I also have one for "Suppliers" where I only share my email address with them.

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