Make your phonebook smart

Every year your phonebook's contact data becomes more and more out of date. Let's change that.

There's always someone who doesn't have your correct details, but should!

Goodbye to manual data entry

You send your details to your contacts and they send theirs to you - it all gets populated in your phonebook without you needing to enter anything manually.

Synchronise your phonebooks

As Known2Me cleans up your contact data, it will make changes to your native phone book for you. This way, you can still use your old phone book if you want to.

Privacy by design

Your contact details are displayed on Known2Me in your phone and are not stored on our servers. We don't see them and you have complete privacy. This gives you a further guarantee that your data is not being used for profit.

Use profiles to manage what you share with whom

We give different details to different people for a number of reasons. Our friends and family would get all our private contact details. Our business colleagues and associates might get our business email address and mobile number. Someone you just met might only get your email address. Create your profiles and when you share just choose the one you wish to use.

The magic – updating your contacts when you've changed details

Rather than sending a message which people have to cut and paste, Known2Me will automatically place the new details straight into your contact's phones. It will only make changes to those people you have shared the details with. They get notified. When they make a change you get their details updated in your phonebook.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to pay to download?

Known2Me Beta is a free app. There will always be a free version of Known2Me but we will be producing a Pro version with more features in the near future.

How do I import my existing phonebook to Known2Me?

After you have downloaded the app and when you are in the contacts screen you can select the "import contacts" button. We will ask for permission to import your contacts to the app. The data is still on your phone and not on our servers.

Do you see my phonebook details?

No. We do not and nobody else will be able to view your phone book either. All of your phonebook's details sit in your phone and not on our servers. Your data privacy is important to us.

How many profiles can I create?

As many as you like! Some of us have many personas - family and friends, business associates, football team, school parents' group etc. The contact details you choose to share with each group may be different. It all depends on what you want other people to see.

Any more questions?

Go to our helpful support centre which has a number of resources for your use. Our friendly team are ready to help you if you require more assistance with the app. We're sure you will enjoy the benefits it brings!

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