Designed to safeguard your digital privacy via an app

Known2Me is really easy to use

Creating different profiles

After downloading the app, you can add different lists of contact details under different profiles. The information you share with your "Friends & Family" can be different to the details you share with your "Business Associates". Create as many profiles as you need.

Share details straight into their phonebook

Send a profile to your contact using email or SMS. Your selected details will go into their phonebook automatically. No need for data entry.

Auto-updates straight to your phonebook

If you ever change one of the details in a profile, then the change will automatically happen in the phonebook of the contact you have shared it with.

Automated contact management for you

The end of entering contact data

You send your selected details straight into your contacts phone and vice versa – no data entry needed.

A clean and up to date phonebook

Any change to your details will automatically update in your contact's phonebook.

Elevate your data security

You choose what details you want to share with whom. Your phonebook data is always on your phone, not on our servers.

We're all about contact management tech

Known2Me will help you make the best use of your time. You and your contacts will have less data entry to do for starters!

Known2Me is in Beta

Presently, Known2Me is in Beta and is a free download but we will be introducing upgraded features soon. The basic version will always be free.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to pay to download?

Known2Me Beta is a free app. There will always be a free version of Known2Me but we will be producing a Pro version with more features in the near future.

How do I import my existing phonebook to Known2Me?

After you have downloaded the app and when you are in the contacts screen you can select the "import contacts" button. We will ask for permission to import your contacts to the app. The data is still on your phone and not on our servers.

Do you see my phonebook details?

No. We do not and nobody else will be able to view your phone book either. All of your phonebook's details sit in your phone and not on our servers. Your data privacy is important to us.

How many profiles can I create?

As many as you like! Some of us have many personas - family and friends, business associates, football team, school parents' group etc. The contact details you choose to share with each group may be different. It all depends on what you want other people to see.

Any more questions?

Go to our helpful support centre which has a number of resources for your use. Our friendly team are ready to help you if you require more assistance with the app. We're sure you will enjoy the benefits it brings!

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