Always have up-to-date contact details on your phone

Create living contact/business cards to exchange with people. Any time you update your card, it will automatically update in the phones of everyone you’ve shared it with!

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an example k-card
An example k-card

"To know that my complete set of business details, including social handles, can be sent into my customer's phonebook is brilliant. I want my customers to always have my updated details without giving them the hassle of manually updating their phone's address book."

Rex B,

"This is simply awesome! I'm about to move home and this will save me so much time updating the people who need to know. It's also great to know they won't have the hassle of data entry as the details will go straight into their address book."

Kate W,
Office Manager

Goodbye messy, unreliable contact list

hello single source of truth!

Introducing, the K-card.

an example k-cardan example k-cardan example k-card

No more wasted time updating or chasing contact details.

If your contact details change, update them once on your K-card and they’ll be automatically synced with everyone you’ve shared it with. The same works with contacts who’ve sent you their K-cards.

a k-card for clientsa k-card for familya k-card for the book club

Control who sees what.

Some of us have many different profiles: You can create a K-card to share with friends and family and a different one to share with clients or colleagues. You control exactly what you share with whom.

Military grade encryption to protect your privacy.

We use military-grade AES-256 NSA approved encryption to ensure information you exchange on Known2Me cannot be read by us, or anyone else.

All your phonebook data stays safely on your phone meaning nobody can view your private contact details.

We don't make money from ads or by selling your data. We charge for useful tools and features designed to save you time and effort.

We built Known2Me because maintaining accurate contact info was too manual and difficult for our digital age.

After numerous home and job moves we’ve truly felt the pain of struggling to update people and organisations with our new contact details.

It's a tedious manual job, you forget who to tell, you rely on them updating their own records and it's really hard to segregate what information should go to whom.

We thought social media might help, but it really doesn't. Not everyone has contact details on there and it’s too hard to piece together fragmented details from the various platforms.

The most reliable and efficient way for us to know that other people definitely have our accurate details is for us to send them straight to their address book - eliminating the need for manual data entry!

And so, we created Known2Me to do just that!

We're sure that you, like us, will benefit hugely from a ‘living’ phonebook, full of numbers, social media handles and other relevant details that are automatically kept up-to-date by the people they belong to! It’s goodbye to that messy, unreliable contacts list and hello to a single source of truth!

photo of Nirosh, co-founder of known2me


photo of Nirosh, co-founder of known2me


"This is a brilliant idea. I have so much junk in my phone's address book because I can't be bothered to update details. Automating the changes and keeping it all private is genius."

Grace D,
Events Manager

"When I start back on the conference circuit, showing my K-card QR code will make it easy for me to get my details into the other person's phone. This really cuts out some of the annoying 'busy' work so I can concentrate on the big picture."

Milan B,


How much does Known2Me cost?
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Known2Me is free to download. We plan to build premium features on top for pro users which will be chargeable. The basic features of creating and sharing K-cards, updating them and synchronising with your native phonebook will always be free.

Known2Me will be offering business apps that integrate with CRMs and other enterprise tooling which will be paid for.

Do all my contacts have to be using Known2Me for it to be useful?
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No! Start with the ones that really matter. As Known2Me's popularity grows you will find more of your contacts joining in, making sharing and updating details effortless.

Can I use Known2Me with personal as well as work contacts?
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Yes. We don't share the same details with everyone, but generally send the same set of details to different groups, such as friends and family, co-workers, community groups etc. This is one of the reasons we built Known2Me - to put YOU in control of what information you are sharing and with whom.

Why do people have to download Known2Me to get my K-card?
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We use end-to-end encryption from the moment you send your details till they are received using the Known2Me app on the recipient's end. This means that only the people you share your details with will get them and that you'll be able to update them with any contact data changes without someone else being able to see this data. To find out more please read through the Security and Privacy Section on the FAQ page.

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